Welcome to The Nouveau Plus Activist Blog !

Welcome !

Let me start by introducing myself!

My name is Candice! I am a plus size model, actress, dancer, influencer, makeup artist, modeling and pageantry coach, photographer, and so much more! I have always been a full figured girl! Even at the early age of 5, I saw my size difference from most others. I am currently a college student working on obtaining my degree in Dramatic Arts with a focus on Musical Theatre.

I have been dancing since I was 3 years old! I have studied many styles including; tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, ballet, modern, pointe, African, Tahitian, and acrobats! Currently, I teach master classes and after school theatre and dance.

Modeling, I have worked with brands such as Lane Bryant, Rainbow Clothing, Native Group, Mac Duggal, and so many more! I have been published 10 times in print magazines and have been a featured brand ambassador for many local businesses. I have walked in multiple New York Fashion Week shows and hosted 2 this past season.

I also own my own pageantry and modeling coaching business called Candi Crowns. I coach young women and men to be the best version of themselves by building their confidence.

As I build my own personal platform, I have come across the discussion of what is the New Plus? As a size 18/20 in the modeling industry, agencies see me as a “larger” plus size. Agency standards are typically sizes 8-14. But in the “New Plus” world, I am a smaller plus size women. So what is the Nouveau Plus?

This blog will be based around what others think of the growing plus size industry through their experiences and their businesses. I can’t wait for others to use The Nouveau Plus as a platform to find amazing brands and industry partners to network and connect with.


Cheers, Candice

Instagram – @Candi_m_and_ms

Photo Courtesy of Amber De Vos of Getty Images.


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