Dance – Article 1

Dance has always been a passion of mine. I was a competitive dancer for over 15 years and even today I still dance every day. As a plus size woman in the dance world I’ve always been looked at as unfit. But on the dance stage, you have an opportunity to lay everything out in front of someone without allowing them the chance to vocally react upon your performance. The feeling of having everyone watch you doing something that you absolutely love is always so rewarding.

Today I’m going to teach a workshop class full of young students. I love having the knowledge to be able to teach others. I was given some beautiful talents and I love sharing them with the world.

Class today will be focusing on contemporary improv. I think improv is very important in the dance world specially during auditions for shows or job opportunities. Sometimes, a future employer will ask you to improv before or after the performance piece just so that they can see how well you are able to improvise at the drop of a dime.

Thank you A Step Ahead Performing Arts Academy for allowing me to come teach a class at your studio. For more info on future classes please follow my blog, instagram, or Facebook .

Drop any questions you might have on dance or up coming classes in the comments!

Cheers, Candice

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