Mac Duggal Casting Call – Bebe’s and Liz’s

It’s not everyday you see a casting call that is size inclusive!

One Designer you will see who always makes sure to include women of all sizes is Mac Duggal.

Photo Courtesy of USA National Miss & Amanda Ferguson – Wearing Mac Duggal

2 years ago, Mac Duggal began his first search for his plus size brand ambassador for his Fabulouss plus size collection. I was chosen as a finalist and got to meet Mac himself in New York City during Fashion Week. I also got to meet Catherine Schuller, Antoinette Romero, and so many more amazing influencers. I unfortunately wasn’t cast at that time. But everything happens for a reason. A few months after that casting I found out I was pregnant!!!!

Photo Courtesy of Mac Duggal

Now 2 years later I have been blessed with another opportunity to audition for Mac Duggal.

Today, I walked into Liz Sheppard’s store Bebe’s and Liz’s, and felt right at home. She pointed me right to the Fabulouss collection and all of her lovely volunteers reminded me of the casting requirements.

I was the second model to audition. My nerves were high but Antoinette made me feel so comfortable. Like having a casual conversation with an old friend. I did a runway style walk and a prom/pageant style walk. She retook my measurements, which to my surprise were smaller than I thought. Although I am not a standard “stock” size 14, I hope that there are more opportunities for larger plus size models. As a size 18, I am the average size women in America. I think the industry is ready for a change. Let’s see some plus size girls in main stream work! I’m so thankful that Mac Duggal always includes women of all shapes and sizes into their campaigns and shows.

Taken at Mac Duggal Casting at Bebe’s and Liz’s

Thank you everyone who made this casting a success! Thank you Antoinette, Mac Duggal, Tara Ulrich, Liz Sheppard, Dee Lane, and everyone else who was involved in the casting today at Bebe’s and Liz’s in Winter Park, Florida.

I can’t wait to go back to the store and play in some Fabulouss Mac Duggal dresses!

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