Chubiiline & Bullychasers, 14 year old CEO – Egypt Ufele

Recently, I caught up with the fabulous Egypt Ufele! This young women is only 14 years old and taking the world by storm!! She is the CEO of her own clothing brand – Chubiiline LLC – and she has a non profit organization to eliminate bullies – Bullychasers Inc. –

I asked Egypt a few questions about herself and her brand. Enjoy!

When did you start designing clothes? What made you want to start?

I started designing clothes when I was 4 years old for my dolls & at 8 years old for kids, curvy girls, straight sizes & men.

What made me design clothes was when I was modeling for a designer and the designer said “I dont make clothes for Fat Kids!

What made you want to start your own non profit?

I started my own non profit, Bullychasers Inc., because I knew I could bring a more broad message with the right name.

You’re a very inspirational young women – what inspires YOU to keep going and pushing towards your dreams?

What motivates me to keep going are the girls & boys I meet around the world. They do reports on me about bullying in their schools and they send them to me.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is dealing with bullies?

I would advice a child that was bullied to keep sharing their story until someone listens and don’t give up. Help a friend that was being bullied. Bullies don’t like to be put on the spot. Don’t ever say I want to commit suicide! Please get professional help!

All of that is in the book! Be sure to find the book on Amazon.

If you could choose one place to showcase your clothes where would it be?

If I could showcase anywhere it would be Paris/ London Fashion Week! I had the opportunity but it was during school time. I put my education first. I’m already in College.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment is my book! It is a teaching tool in schools “Egypt Ufele Life by my own Designs”

What are your plans for the next few years? Where do you hope to see your brand?

My future plans is to become a Thoracic Heart Surgeon.

The Bulkychasers Inc will contiune to help bring awareness to kids around the world. I am also recruiting Brand Ambassadors.

How long did it take you to write your novel ? What made you want to write a inspirational book?

It took me one year because I had to work with a LMSW to express my journey. She counseled me and helped put it all on paper. My illustrator lives in London and we worked through email. I had to be careful not to offend anyone too! (Lol)

I wrote the book to inspire kids to become Entrepreneurs, Strong Parents, for Suicide Prevention Strategies, Friendships, and information on Asthma & Fashion.

Where can we find your work to purchase or to follow you on social media?

I only do customized designs. One of a kind!




Ufele says, “I have been featured in NY Times, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, CNN, TD Jake’s Show, Crains Business Magazine and received awards from Columbia University and LI University, Black Girl Magic & 4 Proclamations & many more. I don’t ever look for recognition. I want to save a child from suicide.”

I hope you are inspired by this young queen as much as I am!!! Thank you Egypt for being beYOUtiful!!!! Be sure to follow her on social media to keep up with her busy CEO lifestyle!!!

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