Be BOLD – An Interview with Dr. Christopher Salute

The person I have decided to interview first has made the biggest impact on my most recent journey while in New York for Fashion Week.

Dr. Christopher Salute and Candice Christian at the SLiNK Magazine & 11 Honoré Brunch NYFW Event

I met Christopher through Instagram. He followed my page so I DMed him a thank you! I noticed that he was active in the plus community. So I asked….
Christopher is the CEO of Bold Magazine and Media Inc. Bold Magazine is an exclusive plus size activist media outlet. He is also a teacher and the assistant Dean of LIU.
I had to honor to be featured in the first print issue of Bold Magazine that went out a few weeks ago during their Love Yourself Weekend Event.
Chris was able to cover the 2 fashion shows I had the honor of hosting and he also invited me to SLiNK Magazine’s pop up brunch event for 11 Honorè. The event was nothing short of amazing!
Trying on luxury designer brands and networking galore was the highlight of the event. I got to talk to some amazing industry professionals who are very well noted and recognized.

Slink Magazine x 11Honoré NYFW Event NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 10: Adui Delvalle, Candice Christian, Christopher Salute, Carmina Suzanne and Anna O’uBrien attend Slink Magazine x 11Honoré NYFW Event at 111 8th Ave. on February 10, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Amber De Vos/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

I had left New York with a few more questions for Chris about his brand and the impact he hopes to make in the near future. So I thought, who would be better to interview FIRST then the LAST person I met involved in the plus size community.

Here you go!

-What does “nouveau” plus mean to you? What is the new plus?

If you’re referencing your exciting new blog, I don’t know what it means yet! But, I’m excited to find out. But, I’m not sure that there is a new plus, yet. I’d like there to be. I think we’re all fantasizing about one day waking up and the stores we love will carry our size or media will just be plus with fat women. It’s not going to happen that way. It’s like getting over a cold. Each day, you can breathe a little better, you can work a little less hard to avoid weight discrimination. Look at the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Women’s suffrage before that. As the world evolves, people will find new and interesting ways to discriminate against the plus community. But, people like you, Candice, will change the history of Plus Universe one page at a time.

-What got you started out interested in the plus community?

Hah! That’s a great question. I was being selfish, really. I didn’t want to write for a living, but I wanted to get back to writing, every day. I had a mentor who told me that writing is as much a science as it is an art. It must be practiced every day. So, I thought “What can I write about every day that wouldn’t make me bored?” I have always dated and been attracted to plus women, but I never expressed the struggles I saw them face or bothered to think about the solutions. So, I thought, “Hey… I can write about this every day… forever… and I’ll get to network and hang with some beautiful humans while I do it. Win-Win for me!” But, it’s grown into so much more. I have really removed myself from the Bold brand and learned that observing and writing about pretty people is not enough. I needed to advocate, grow, and learn. And, I’ve met some incredibly intelligent and awesome people along the way!

-Why is it important to you that “plus size” becomes a more common thing we see and talk about?

Gosh… there are so many reasons, Candice. But if I had to select the most important reason… it’s because I think this needs too be an “everyone” issue. As a man in the plus space, I think it’s important that I share my views and my understanding… it’s also important that I say the wrong things sometimes and be publically corrected. Why? Because these are things people are thinking. And, we have to have a better understanding of each other, as human beings.

-If you could change one thing about how the world sees the plus-size Community what would it be and why?

Goodness, these are tough ones my friend…. Just one?

I think I’d like to change the perception that all plus women are the same. So many folks speak in generalities:
Fat women don’t want to be fat!
Fat women know they are fat!
Fat women don’t eat a lot.
Fat women want to be taken seriously…

Guess what… fat women are women… human beings. And, there are too many folks inserting their own ideas about what they want. So much misunderstanding in this world comes from us trying to fit everyone into boxes that make sense. Humans are complex. We don’t always make sense to you. And, that’s okay.

-What do you think some of the struggles of being plus size entail?

How long do you have? One thing I’ve been really focused on this year is self love and dating. I’ve been doing a lot of research women and online dating, specifically as it relates to the plus universe. I think that so many plus women are seen as a fetish or easy and so much of that is changing. There are so many layers to why that is and I believe it starts with education of both sexes, exposure through media and fashion, etc.

-Why do you think so many straight sized people have an issue accepting fat acceptance?

We tend to not accept those who are different than us. But, in this case, there’s so much more… One reason is that people equate their own self love with their size. If they’ve lost weight or really struggled to maintain their health, they wonder how others can be fat and happy. Well… we can! You probably can, too! It’s all about understand the self. Be thin, be fat, wear a bikini or a hooded sweatshirt. Eat a double cheeseburger or a salad… whatever. Just live the best life you’re capable of living.

-What has been your favorite event or memory that you have participated in within the plus-size community?

Meeting you, of course!

I’d have to say hosting our first large scale event this month called the Love Yourself Weekend. We had nearly 100 plus sized women with us that weekend and we talked about self love, career, networking, media, fashion, entertainment, etc. Sarah Sapora was there. Lisa Schoenberger, Liris Crosse, Amanda LaCount, all sorts of amazing human beings. It was the best weekend of my life to see what I had created.

-What are your future plans to be more involved in the plus-size community?

I can’t tell you all of them, my dear friend! But, I can tell you that if you’re doing it right, we want you with us. And, if you’re doing it wrong or you’re a bully or you like to exploit the plus community… or copy our ideas (we see you), we’re coming for you. We are so excited that people are drawn to our brand and our positivity. Our goal is to eradicate the bullies in this industry, help create positive atmospheres, and help the plus woman grow! It’s not about money. It’s about growth and inspiration. Look for Bold in print this year and a new project we are working on with some big brands!

-Where do you see your plus base business in the next few years?

Oh my…. I see us in print, I see us all over the planet with our podcast and our youtube channel, and I see us consulting with major brands on how to cater to the plus universe! And that makes me so happy! But, most importantly, I see Bold really making an impact with the growing 68% of women in the US who are plus sized.

-How can someone get in contact with you about your plus size business?

I thought you’d never ask! They can find out site…. or find us on Instagram at @boldmz or they can email me personally at!

Dr. Christopher Salute, MBA, Ph.D.
CEO, Bold Media

As you can see Christopher is an amazing human, business owner, and activist! Be sure to follow him on social media to see what BOLD and I will be partnering on next!

Cheers, Candice


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